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What We Do:

Sweetness and Pea offer our customers a variety of cloth nappies to choose from, with excellent customer service and free delivery on orders over £50! As an ethical shop, it is important for us that the products we stock are environmentally friendly and ethically produced. We enjoy sourcing the best new and innovative eco-friendly products for the entire family, including reusable nappies, organic toiletries, wooden toys and reusable feminine hygiene products.

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Why Cloth Nappies:

Modern cloth nappies are a world away from traditional terry squares that our ancestors may have used (although we are HUGE fans of terries here!!) Not only are reusable nappies in the 21st century just as simple to use as disposable nappies, they are an eco-friendly choice option for parents and carers who are looking to reduce their contributions to landfill. We also have many parents who come to us looking for a natural alternative to disposables that are free of chemicals and bleaches that can be harmful to the delicate new skin of a baby – the cloth nappies we sell online in our ethical shop are much gentler, often made from materials such as cotton, hemp or bamboo.

For many new parents or carers, there is also the economic factor of having a baby to look at and this is where washable modern cloth nappies come into their own. On average, we anticipate a child to be in nappies for about 3 years so the switch to washable nappies could save you between £150 – £1000 (depending on how many nappies you buy and the brand!) There are a wide range of cloth nappies online to choose from including flats, fitted, shaped, All in One and Pocket nappies. At Sweetness and Pea, we always advise our parents that not every nappy type or brand with suit every baby or every family’s circumstances. We are always very happy to help and talk you through reusable nappy options and what might be best for you and your family.

What Else Do We Do?

At Sweetness and Pea, we are not just a cloth nappy online shop! We have a wide variety of ethical and eco-friendly products to suit the whole family. One of our biggest selling products are the Reusable Feminine hygiene products – a modern alternative to disposable sanitary wear, including washable pads and reusable menstrual cups. We also stock a variety of organic toiletries that are gentle on the skin and suitable for the entire family. If you would like more information on cloth nappies or any of the other products we stock, please contact us and a member of our team will get back to you.

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