Cloth Nappy Types Explained August 11, 2015 – Posted in: Product News

Reusable nappies can be a minefield for those starting out on their cloth nappy journey. There are many different types of cloth nappies that work in different ways to suit different lifestyles and requirements.
Here we outline the most popular types of modern reusable nappies and attempt to take the confusion out of using washable nappies!

Pocket Nappies

Pocket nappies do what they say on the tin! They are a shaped nappy with a pocket between the waterproof outer and the fabric layer that is next to the babies’ skin. This can be stuffed with inserts (of a variety of fabrics including microfiber, bamboo and hemp) or prefolds to alter the absorption of nappy depending on your requirements.
Pocket nappies are available in either birth-to-potty (therefore the same nappy will last you for the entire time your baby is in nappies) or sized (usually available in size 1, 2 or 3 and based on weight).
Examples of Pocket Nappies can be seen here

All in One Nappies

All in one nappies are very similar to pocket nappies and offer a convenience to parents that this very similar to putting on a disposable nappy.
With a built in waterproof layer and fabric inner, all in one nappies require no folding or stuffing and come with a choice of either popper or Velcro fastening, in either birth to potty or sized variations.
Available in a variety of fabrics that each have their own absorbency properties, the all in one is a flexible and convenient option for many parents and a favourite with Childcare providers.
Examples of All in One Cloth nappies can be found here

Two Part/ Fitted Nappies

Fitted nappies are a very easy reusable nappy to use. There is no folding or stuffing required as they are already shaped fir fit your baby as a disposable nappy would.
The fitted part of the two part system is the absorbent part and a waterproof wrap, wool soaker or fleece soaker. Fitted nappies are available in a variety of materials, which can affect the drying time depending on the material used.
Two part cloth nappies can be purchased in either birth-to-potty or sizes from newborn to, usually, size 3.

Flat Nappies

Flat nappies fall into two main categories – terry squares and prefolds. Flat nappies are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to cloth nappy your baby because one size is often all is needed for the entire nappy lifetime of your baby.
Flat nappies can be folded to fit the individual size and shape of your baby and are then combined with either a waterproof wrap, wool soaker or fleece soaker to keep them waterproof.

A terry square is folded around the body of the baby and is secured, either with traditional pins or more commonly plastic fastenings such as Nappy Nippas. Prefolds are simply a rectangular piece of material that is folded and placed directly into the waterproof wrap. Prefolds do not have to be secured or folded about the body of the baby.