Exciting Charlie Banana News! January 18, 2017 – Posted in: Product News

We have some exciting Charlie Banana News! There is a large delivery on the way that will include a whole variety of gorgeous new prints and box sets and, there is more…….!

Charlie Banana have slightly changed the design of their pocket nappies. These will now be known as the Charlie Banana Hybrid All-in-One (AIO). What makes them a hybrid? All is explained below for you.

Previously each Charlie Banana One Size Pocket Nappy came with 2 microfiber inserts in Small and M/L. These can be inserted into the pocket in order to increase or decrease absorbency as needed. The new Hybrid AIO nappy is still supplied with 2 inserts but instead of microfiber, one size is micro terry and the other is fleece. This slight change in the fabrics allows the inserts to be placed in the pocket or on top of the pocket if preferred.

Charlie Banana hybrid AIO instructions

As always, the Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO is still compatible with the Charlie Banana disposable inserts too. Therefore, the new design makes Charlie Banana nappies even more flexible – a nappy with real options! They are ideal for those that like the simplicity of the pocket nappy but don’t like to stuff inserts!

The Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO was even shortlisted for Best Reusable Nappy in the 2017 Mother and Baby Awards!

There is still some stock of the original Charlie Banana pocket nappies at Sweetness and Pea but we are slowly phasing these out in favour of the new upgraded AIO hybrid version. We are sure you will love them as much as we do!

Keep your eyes peeled for the new prints and box sets that will be arriving in the next few weeks. There will be some exclusive reveals on our Facebook page too!