GEN-Y Product Information October 27, 2015 – Posted in: News, Product News

With so many wonderful GEN-Y Products available, please use this page to discover which product best suits your requirements with our comparison chart and which size would be best for your little one. We have also included some FAQ to help with any queries you may have.

We recommend that your measure your baby prior to ordering, the weight recommendations are only estimates.

GEN-Y Covers are designed to last and be hard wearing which is why they are guaranteed for 6 months from the date of original purchase. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Comparison Chart:

Feature Chart

Classic Cover Size Chart:

Size Rise Legs Waist Est. Weight Ranges
Extra Small 16″ 6″-10″ 10″-16″ 8-15 lbs
Small 17″ 7″-11″ 12″-19″ 13-21 lbs
Medium 18″ 8″-12″ 13″-22″ 19-26 lbs
Large 19″ 9″-13″ 15″-24″ 22-31 lbs
XLarge 21″ 10″-14″ 16″-26″ 29-40+ lbs


Next GEN Universal Cover:

Size Rise Legs Waist Est. Weight Ranges
Small 13 – 16 5 – 10 11 – 18 6 – 18 lbs.
Large 16 – 20 8 – 13 14 – 23 18 – 38 lbs.


Simplicity Cover:

Size Rise Legs Waist Est. Weight Ranges
Extra Small 16 6 – 10 10 – 16 8 – 15 lbs.
Small 17 7 – 11 12 – 19 13 – 21 lbs.
Medium 18 8 – 12 13 – 22 19 – 26 lbs.
Large 19 9 – 13 15 – 24 22 – 31 lbs.
Extra Large 21 10 – 14 16 – 26 29 – 40+ lbs.


  1. I am worried about covers leaving red marks on my child. How gentle is the binding on GEN-Y covers?
  2. The binding is a very soft spandex/ polyester jersey. We have found this stretch binding to be one of the gentlest on the market. When your child is in the proper size, red marks should be virtually non existent. Please fasten your GEN-Y covers on the largest leg setting that does not cause visible gaping to ensure that your child has the most comfortable fit. Please note that every child has different skin sensitivities, so we recommend trying one cover to see how it works for you. GEN-Y covers should not be used on children with spandex allergies.
  1. Wait a minute, cotton outer? Doesn’t that wick?
  2. GEN-Y covers are uniquely constructed so that the PUL layer forms a compete barrier between the absorbent diaper and the cotton outer; so the cotton never comes in contact with wetness. In addition, the gussets on GEN-Y Universal covers are made only of PUL, eliminating compression leaks. These covers stand up to even heavy wetters, even for overnight!
  1. How should I launder my GEN-Y cover?
  2. Wash hot with your regular professional detergent, tumble dry low or hang dry. If laundering with hook and loop closure products, be sure that all laundry tabs are securely fastened to avoid snagging. Do not use the sanitary cycle for GEN-Y covers or expose them to temperatures over 130 degrees.
  1. Does the cotton outer fade or bleed?
  2. We recommend washing your cover once separately in hot water with your regular detergent when when it is brand new. After that, the cotton will not transfer color in the wash. We have washed ours on hot, in heavy duty detergent, four times a week for six months before they start to fade. Even after they fade slightly, the covers are still very attractive, just a bit more pastel. Please note that our fabric comes from many different designers, so results may vary.
  1. Why is there an extra snap on the bottom of the middle row of rise snaps?
  2. When the cover is on the smaller rise setting and you are using it with trim inserts; snapping the middle snap down one farther than the two side snaps takes the extra poof out of the front and makes the cover super trim. When the rise is unsnapped for your larger child, only snap the middle snap to achieve the same effect.
  1. Can I use my Universal cover with another major diapering company’s inserts?
  2. Yes! This cover was designed to be cross compatible with every brand we could find. Please note that if your inserts are microfiber, you must add a stay dry or natural fiber layer on top to protect you baby’s skin (microfiber can be irritating if left
    in skin contact)
  1. Can my GEN-Y Universal cover help with learning to use the potty?
  2. Yes! When your toddler is ready, use lay in insets or prefolds that are natural fibers so that your little one can feel the wetness better and be more aware of his body. Snap the waist loosely so that your toddler can easily pull the GEN-Y Universal cover up and down himself as he learns how to use the potty.
  1. I am concerned about chemicals in laminate fabric, what kind of PUL is used in GEN-Y covers?
  2. The PUL in GEN-Y covers is some of the safest on the market. It is is CPSIA (Consumer product Safety Improvement Act) certified lead and phalate free, PVC and latex free, and it is made in the USA of 100% US components. In addition it is FDA GRAS