LeToy Van

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LeToy Van:

LeToy Van wooden toys are a company who specialise in ethically produced toys for children. Based in the UK, their toys are manufactured in Indonesia using legal and sustainable wood sources. They also ensure ethical manufacturing practices too! The aim of the LeToy Van brand is to design and sell wooden toys that maintain traditional play values. These are wooden toys that allow children to invent stories and let their imaginations take over! LeToy Van now have a range of toys so smaller children that encourages the development of a child’s motor skills.

LeToy Van wooden toys began in 1995 in England where George Le Van devised and designed a collection of wooden toys to feed the imagination of children. These include the lovely hand finished pieces we stock today from Dolls Houses to Pirate Ships! LeToy Van have captured the imaginations of children – big and small – all over the world. All while maintaining, and also growing, a brand with ethics.