Reusable Nappy Bundles

Why Reusable Nappy Kits?

Reusable nappy kits and reusable menstrual product bundles get you started at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for a trial kit or a full kit, each pack contains everything you need to begin. This includes waterproof storage bags, cloth nappy accessories and enough nappies to be able to cloth bum successfully! All kits enable our customer to choose the prints and colours they’d like so you have control! Cloth nappy bundles contain reusable nappies and accessories from brands including Charlie Banana and Cushie Tushies Australia!

Reusable feminine pads bundles are ideal for pre-teens because they contain a variety of sizes. This allows you to experiment with sizes and absorbency to suit your needs, all in one handy bundle! Alternatively, they are a great stash builder offering value for money. Each reusable cloth pad kit contains 3 pads per size and 3 small waterproof bags for storage.