Full Time Cloth Nappy Kits

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Full Kits:

The full cloth nappy starter kit contains all the products needed to cloth nappy full time! The addition of plenty of nappies means the reusable nappy kits help to get customers started on a washable nappy journey. As well as washable nappies, the reusable nappy bundles contain essential cloth nappy accessories. This includes liners, wipes and wet bags enabling cloth nappy use when out and about as well as at home! Buying a cloth nappy starter kit gives customers a selection of products at a fraction of the RRP! Reusable nappy bundles have been put together with new cloth nappy users in mind. Each reusable nappy kit can be customised ensuring customers can choose prints that suit them!

The flexibility of the nappy kits mean we can make changes to suit customer’s needs. A member of the team are happy to help should you need something a bit different.