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Organic Skincare

The organic skincare found here can be used by all the family. Suitable for use on delicate and sensitive new skin, natural toiletries are perfect for newborns! Available to purchase are a variety of shampoos, conditioners, nappy balms and dry skin lotions. All skincare brands sold by Sweetness and Pea use organic ingredients. Nor do they contain SLS or parabens. Plenty of the organic and natural skincare products have multiple uses and is also gentle enough to be used after birth! Products such as the Mother and Baby Rescue Balm have a range of uses, ideal for both mum and baby! Organic Babies Dry Skin Lotion is very gentle and is suitable for use on eczema prone skin and psoriasis.

Little Green Radicals and Green People natural toiletries are cruelty free brands. This ensures our customers are not only buying organic, they are investing in ethical practices too!

Organic Children Sun Lotion SPF 30

Organic Children Scent Free Sun Lotion SPF30

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Little Green RadicalsNappy Balm – 50ml

Earn 8 Reward Points

Little Green Radicals Sleep Balm – 50ml

Earn 8 Reward Points

Little Green Radicals Chest Rub – 50ml

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Little Green Radicals Scalp Oil – 30ml

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Green People organic babies lavender scented soothing baby salveIngredients image for organic babies rescue balm and shampoos

Organic Babies Baby Salve – Lavender 100ml

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Green People Organic Babies skincare hamper contentsOrganic Babies skincare hamper

Organic Babies Newborn Hamper

Earn 37 Reward Points