Baby Clothes Sale

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Up to 50% Off!

Our organic baby clothes sale section contains organic cotton baby clothing with up to 50% off. Choose from beautifully soft vests, dresses, trousers, tops and coats in the organic cotton baby clothes sale. An array of modern cloth nappies, reusable nappy accessories and soft soled baby slippers are also available. This is the place to grab a bargain with a huge variety of unique items in the organic baby clothes sale. Whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift, there is something for everyone in the sale. New ranges are added to the clearance section regularly along with further discounts!

The cloth nappy sale offers modern cloth nappies at a fraction of the retail price. Reusable nappy fans can now add to their stash and stay in budget! Included in the reusable nappy clearance section are cloth nappy seconds and pre loved items so, please read the descriptions carefully!