Reusable Swim Nappies August 6, 2015 – Posted in: Product News

Why Swim Nappies?

As any parent knows, a swim nappy is a must when taking babies and toddlers swimming, the last thing you want is a little ‘accident’ that will clear the pool (!) but with so many swim nappies on the market, what do you really need to be looking for?
Essentially, you need a swim nappy that will contain the worst of those ‘poosplosions’, this could be in the form of a disposable swim nappy but there are also some great reusable swim diapers on the market now too, offering parents financial benefits as well as an ease of changing that is not always found with disposable swim nappies.

How Reusable Swim Nappies Work:

Reusable swim nappies look VERY cute and often available in the same beautiful and eye catching prints as their reusable nappy counter-parts, many parents choose not to use in conjunction with swimming trunks or a swimming costume.
Reusable swim nappies often feature a mini booster that has a small element of absorbency for those little leaks but are very slim and lightweight in comparison to disposable nappies that have a tendency to swell in the water and can drag the baby or child down.
Can you imagine anything worse than trying to pull down a soaking wet swim nappy that is full of poop? Nope, neither can we which is why we LOVE the new design by Charlie Banana. Their new swim nappy features side snaps that allow parents to un-popper the nappy – over a toilet is perfect – and any ‘waste material’ simply drops down the loo and doesn’t end up in places you’d rather it didn’t!

What Benefits Do Reusable Swim Nappies Offer:

When looking into swim nappy options, reusable swim nappies offer parents the chance to save money long term, which in the current economy is always a bonus for many of us! If you are looking at saving money, the Charlie Banana 2-in-1 Side Snap Swim Nappy and Training Pants kills two birds with one stone and can be used as training pants when the time arises for potty training to begin.

Charlie Banana swim nappies are made from an organic cotton lining and are therefore gentle on the delicate skin of babies and toddlers whilst also being kind on the environment – the added bonus of being able to wash and reuse, therefore not contributing to the volumes of waste ending up in landfill – is another of the major advantages of reusable swim nappies.

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