Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO Value Box

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Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO Value Box:

The Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO Value Box offers great value for money. Each Charlie Banana value box contains 6 nappies and 12 inserts, 6 XS/S and 6 M/L. Absorbency can be changed by adding or taking away reusable inserts. The new Charlie Banana inserts have a micro terry bottom and fleece top. The use of fleece allows the insert to be led on the pocket. This therefore reduces the need to ‘stuff’ the pockets! Whilst being an AIO option, washable nappies by Charlie Banana has many other versatile options too.

Charlie Banana hybrid AIO instructions

Charlie Banana washable diapers have a unique leg adjuster system. The bra strap adjuster allows the leg to be sized separately from the waist. Sliding the adjuster changes the size inch by inch therefore creating a unique fit for each baby. Regardless of shape or size, Charlie Banana nappies are a one size option for all.

The new hybrid All in One (AIO) nappies are compatible with disposable inserts as well as reusable inserts. Disposable inserts

Manufacturer guidelines advise washing at 40 degrees whilst bleaches, sanitisers and fabric softners should be avoided. This increases the lifespan of the nappy.



Circus, Ocean Flair, Flower Power, Uni Chevron, Tutti Frutti, Unisex Hot, Unisex Pastel, White


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