Cushie Tushies Chameleon Cloth Nappy

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The Chameleon cloth nappy is a one size fits most reusable nappy opion and is suitable for children from 3kg – 17kg (6.6lbs – 37.4lbs). The rise of the nappy can be adjusted by folding over the front of the nappy (which has concealed snaps!) and the waist can be adjusted with snap overlays.

Each nappy contains one cover made from a fashionable minky outer, hidden PUL waterproof layer and a microfibre lining and 2 x bamboo and cotton fleece boosters. The Chameleon nappy can be used with the Cushie Tushies flushable liners and the eco-disposable inserts.


Fluffy duck, Giraffe, Toffee Apple, Angel Dots, Heffalump, Choc Bubbles, Hoot


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