MiniVivi 11″ Original Mermaid Scales


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MiniVivi 11″ Original Mermaid Scales:

The MiniVivi 11″ Original Mermaid Scales reusable pads are revolutionary. Not only are the suitable for menstrual, postpartum & medical bleeding, they are absorbent enough to cope with mild to moderate incontinence.

Each 11″ original pads has a 4 layer organic hemp/cotton core ensuring it can hold up to 150ml. The average period is 80ml over the duration of the cycle! A breathable, waterproof PUL gives confidence against leaks while the charcoal impregnated backing reduces odour and prevents slipping.  MiniVivi 11″ reusable pads have reinforced non-wicking wings as well as 2 gusset width settings. An elasticated tab ensures the snaps are easy to undo, especially for those with reduced strength. A longer front end has been designed for catching leaks although can be reversed for back bleeding.

The Mermaid Scales organic cotton Jersey top is EXCLUSIVE to Sweetness and Pea and is a wonderful, quirky and limited edition print!

Wash at 40 or 60 degrees in standard detergent. Products such as vinegar or household bleach could damage the materials. Fabric conditioner should be avoided because it reduces absorbency. Line drying is recommended but pads can be tumble-dried on low heat if required. To retain their shape and length, give them a gentle tug when damp and flatten before drying. Repeated tumble-drying, or drying on high heat, could shorten the lifespan of your pads. Optimum absorbency will be reached after 3 washes but up to 10.


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