Planetwise Wet & Dry Travel

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Planetwise Wet & Dry Travel:

The Planetwise Wet & Dry Travel bag is the perfect accessories for travel. The waterproof pouch is an ideal size for reusable wipes, washable feminine pads or nursing pads while on the move. The dry pocket can be used for make-up, soothers and other items that need to be kept dry.

The perfect size for travel, the reusable travel bag has been made with coordinating waterproof inner material and locking zipper. Each bag is innovatively sewn with hidden seams and sealed for no wicking or leaking. First and ONLY in the industry! Patent pending waterproof design. Resists most stains and odors as well as keeping smells in, making this bag an idea reusable nappy bag.




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Planetwise are a company based in the USA that make high quality reusable products. The range includes reusable sandwich wraps and wet bags which void the need for single use products. All bags are made from the very best materials while maintaining the ethics at the heart of their brand. They are a great accessory to cloth nappy users. The high quality waterproof material ensures the bags are suitable for use as a gym bag as well as swimming bags as well.

These products will last for years and years ensuring quality, value for money and extending your zero waste journey.


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