Recycled Kitchen Foil


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Recycled Kitchen Foil:

Recycled Kitchen Foil by If You Care is made with 100% recycled aluminium. This method of production uses 95% less energy than traditional foil manufacturing whilst reusing precious resources. This product is ideal for use in the kitchen to protect food from light, oxygen, humidity and bacteria. Recycled foil is not recommended for use with fatty or acidic foods.

Due to the virgin nature of the recycled foil, it is suitable to be recycled again although it is advised to check with your local authority as to their ability to recycle aluminium.

2.9 sq meters (10m x 29cm)

Cardboard packaging is both recycled and recyclable.


If You Care have been striving to create environmentally friendly kitchen and household products since 1990. Part of the mission of the brand is to provide both the home and family with high quality alternatives that don’t compromise on quality. It is important to If You Care to support sustainable forestry that both protects the environment and the Planet.