Tegu Magnetic Wooden Wheels


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Tegu Magnetic Wooden Wheels:

The Tegu Magnetic Wooden Wheels pack of 4 is the perfect companion to any Tegu wooden block set. The set contains 4 magnetic wooden tegu wheels. These can be added to Tegu magnetic bricks providing hours of boundless play as well as more building options! Seamlessly integrate the Tegu sets with these wheels!

Wooden blocks by Tegu were designed with boundless play in mind. Whilst the pictures show examples, there are so many more possibilities!

Every wooden block has a hidden magnet inside. The magnets allows the blocks to be placed at angles that were not possible with traditional building blocks. Those little magnets ensure Tegu Blocks are so much more than a building brick! There are endless building possibilities with Tegu Blocks. Manufactured in Honduras, Tegu are a brand with real ethics. A living way is paid to each employee ensuring the chance of a better future. The Tegu brand also supports local reforestation efforts to minimise environmental impact. They also work closely with a local school ensuring local children have the opportunity of a good education and therefore future prospects.


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