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Macrame Dreamcatcher

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Macrame Dreamcatcher:

Hand crafted from natural colour wool, the Macrame Dreamcatcher is a unique ethical interior piece that would look stunning in any room.  The centre of the dreamcatcher features beautiful 100% lambs wool white pompoms that really set it apart from the competition! Hanging from the base of the Macrame Dreamcatcher are 3 beautiful feathers and 9 white pompoms that gently swing while adding to the whimsical feel.



Fiona Walker England is a brand with ethics. Each of their felt products are handmade using 100% organic lambs wool. Products are handsewn by a workforce of women. This enables them to take their work home while caring for their children. They are also financially contributing to the household income. The dying plant used by Fiona Walker England uses recycled water to ensure that the dye chemicals are not released into the ecosystem and that precious clean water is not taken from the local community.


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