Charlie Banana Bamboo Liners – 100pk

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Charlie Banana Bamboo Liners – 100pk

The Charlie Banana Bamboo Liners – 100pk are made from 100% bamboo fibre. Bamboo liners offer the option of dual use as both a nappy liner or as a baby wipe.

Liners are great for catching any solids and making disposing of them easier. Simply shake any solids down the toilet and play the nappy in your hanging nappy pail. The use of a Charlie Banana Bamboo Liners will help to protect the nappy too. By adding a little water to the liners, they can easily double as biodegradable baby wipes. Bamboo fibres ensure that liners will stay in tact with even the dirtiest of bottoms!

Charlie Banana liners are 100% biodegradable, free of plastic, chemicals and chlorine. They can be used with Charlie Banana products and all other cloth nappy brands.

*Please be aware that we DO NOT recommend that you flush liners.

1 review for Charlie Banana Bamboo Liners – 100pk

  1. Nicole Wood

    These are super soft and surprisingly strong. Perfect for all nappy brands and strong enough to be used as a wipe for those sticky situations (poonami anyone?) Highly recommend these

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