Charlie Banana Wet Bag

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Charlie Banana Wet Bag

A Charlie Banana wet bag is a reusable nappy wet bag suitable for storing your cloth nappies before they are laundered or when out of the house.

Each cloth nappy wet bag has a zip closure to the top of the bag. This helps to contain any unpleasant smells whilst also keeping the soiled nappies secure and leak free if you are out of the house. Each wet bag is large enough to hold approx. 4 Charlie Banana reusable nappies whilst still being compact enough to fit into a changing bag or large handbag. The Charlie Banana tote bag also features a handy loop in the corner of the bag. The handle gives the ability for the bag to be hung from pushchair handles, door handles or pegs in a childcare setting.

The PUL lining inside the wet bag ensures that it is fully waterproof. There are a variety of colours and prints available to suit all tastes. Inside the cloth nappy bag, you will find a small microfleece tab (located on the inside bottom seam) to which you can add a small amount of essential oils. This will help to neutralise or minimise any smells which may accumulate. The Charlie Banana reusable nappy bag is a versatile item. Doubling as swim bag, overnight toiletry bag, a bottle bag or gym bag…….the options are endless!

If the wet bag needs a bit of a freshen up, pop in the washing machine with clothes or nappies. The manufacturer advises that tote bags are laundered on a 40 degree cycle.

Dimensions: 12.75in x 12.75in (32.40cm x 32.40cm)


Peony Blossom, Grey Chevron, Monkey Doo


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