Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO Grab Box

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Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO Grab Box:

Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO Grab Box offer a two-in-one nappy system. This system can be a fully reusable nappy or as a disposable nappy. Pack of 3 including 3 x Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO Nappies and 6 New Style Inserts.

New style inserts have a micro terry back and fleece top. The addition of the fleece means the Charlie Banana washable nappies are now All in One (AIO) nappies. The fleece top can be put in or above the pocket. This therefore help to avoid ‘stuffing’ nappies! Each nappy has a waterproof outer, a soft fleecy liner and 2 absorbent boosters. Inserts are be added to increase or decrease absorbency. Additional boosters can be added should you need them, for periods such as long car journeys or nighttime use.

Charlie Banana hybrid AIO instructions

Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO nappies feature a unique sizing system. Each nappy is adjustable to fit from newborn through to potty training. Sliding the bra-strap style fittings adjusts the legs of the nappy. The slider is shortened or lengthened as required. The leg adjusters are hidden inside the fleecy lining offering comfort whilst being practical.

There are occasions when disposable nappies offer more convenience. A disposable insert is placed on the nappy and disposed of when finished. Charlie Banana Hybrid AIO nappies are perfect for any time or place.

Washing guidelines include washing at 40 degrees whilst avoiding bleaches and sanitisers. Following manufacturer’s guidelines will increase the lifespan of the nappy.


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  1. Lucinda Hewitt-Dutton

    I won a box of these in a Facebook competition and was asked to leave a review.
    I already owned some preloved Charlie Banana’s which I liked so I was chuffed to have some more to add to our collection. On opening the box I was really impressed, the pattens were lovely and bright and the inserts were beautifully soft. They certainly put our old ones to shame. I was really impressed with the fit, the elastics are easy to adjust and my little boy looked really cute in them. They are a good slim fit as well however I would say I do tend to now buy clothes for him from cloth nappy friendly shops as he is quite long anyway. The absorbency was impressive, he wore them for four hours ( I don’t normally do this but we had a pretty hectic day) and nothing, no leaks or anything. I have to say I’am completely in love with these and when I need to add to our stash I would certainly consider purchasing some of these.

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