Charlie Banana One Size Organic Cotton Value Box

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Charlie Banana One Size Organic Cotton Value Box

Charlie Banana One Size Organic Cotton Value Box offers great value for money. Each pack includes 12 Charlie Banana hemp inserts and 6 Charlie Banana organic cotton one size nappy. Each nappy has a soft organic cotton lining. This makes them an ideal solution for babies with sensitive skin or parents who prefer cloth nappies made natural fibres.

The Charlie Banana organic cotton nappies feature the bra strap style leg adjustment that Charlie Banana are famous for. The leg and waist can be adjusted independently of each other. This ensures a snug and unique fit for each child regardless of shape or size. Each organic cotton one size cloth nappy comes with 2 x hemp inserts in 2 sizes (S & M/L). The inserts fit into the pocket of the nappy to increase or decrease the absorbency as and when needed. For occasions when more absorbency is required, hemp inserts will come to the rescue! A unique combination of the microfleece and hemp/cotton blend allows the inserts to hold more liquid for a longer period of time.

Disposable inserts are suitable for use with organic cotton nappies. Ideal those occasions when disposable is simply more convenient.

Washing the Charlie Banana organic cotton box set is simple. Pull the Charlie Banana hemp inserts from the pocket using the oversized labels. Both the nappy and inserts can then be laundered on a 40 degree cycle. Charlie Banana laundry detergent offers a cloth friendly and eco-friendly alternative to standard washing powder.
Please be aware that Charlie Banana Organic Cotton nappies and hemp inserts may take slightly longer to dry than their microfiber cousins!

Hemp inserts may suffer some shrinkage after the first use. They can be gently reshaped whilst damp.

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5 reviews for Charlie Banana One Size Organic Cotton Value Box

  1. Tammy (verified owner)

    These nappies fit my chubby lo well. The fabric is so smooth and soft. My Lo is a heavy wetter, using 2 hemp inserts, I only have to change after 2.5 hours. Only 4 stars as its quite bulky when using 2 inserts together.

  2. Mojca (verified owner)

    I bought this Charlie Banana for going out and about. Until now I’ve used a disposable for this purpose because I found Little Lambs too impractical for leaving home. Nappies are well made and I like their “bra type” adjustment for the length of the nappy. Once adjusted the nappy is just as quick and easy to put on as a disposable. They are very slim on their small size and not to bully on medium and large (with 2 boosters). I choose this organic version because I prefer natural materials on baby skin and also this new hemp boosters are more absorbent. I recommend using a disposable liner so that the poo doesn’t stick to the nappy. To sum up I think this is a good one size nappy.

  3. Gracie

    Great product, my sister in law and me use them and they’re super soft, comfortable and most importantly, don’t cause nappy rash! Recommend having at least 30 (36 pref) but even with the outlay in terms of costs, you’ll still be quids in once your little one is out of nappies.

  4. Christiane

    I really love Charlies and use them almost exclusively, but the organic version has some disadvantages compared to the microfleece version:

    – pockets take about half a day longer to dry
    – inserts curl at the edges and get hard*
    – cotton fabric inside pockets is a bit harsh and no stay-dry material (we used an extra microfibre nappy liner on top)*

    * The hardness of the materials may be due to our hard / very chalky water!

    But still the organics have many advantages:
    + highly absorbent: suitable for heavy wetters
    + great fit – fit our baby from birth
    + great quality
    + great adjusting system (bra straps)

  5. Vivian Lee (verified owner)

    Loving them! They are so soft and even slimmer than the normal CB nappies. They are a bit more expensive than the normal ones but it’s worth every penny when they all come with the hemp insert which is much slimmer than the normal cotton insert and more absorbent. The poops (new born/breast feed poop) are very easy to wash off, even easier than the fleece lined ones.

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