Beat Those Unwanted Gift Blues January 10, 2017 – Posted in: News, Product News

I’m sure all of us at one point this Christmas had the “What does X want for Christmas” questions or, had a few impractical gifts when your child (read you!) had your heart set on something else entirely – we certainly did here at S&P HQ and more often than not I couldn’t remember who I had asked to get what for Sprout.

This got me thinking about our lovely customers and how we can make Birthdays/ Christmas a more streamline process with potentially less waste in the form of unsuitable gifts. Imagine giving the family one link for all your birthday or Christmas wishes and letting them buy without any hassle of duplications ?!

Our new Wish List function not only allows you to save your favourite items for you to coo over whilst you are totally broke post-Christmas but also allows you to share the link with family/friends/colleagues. This essentially turns it into a gift registry too! Here’s how it works;

Each product has an ‘add to wish list button’. This will prompt you to create a new wish list or add to an existing list. You will also be given the option to make your wish list Public, Shared or Private. Now I know our customers are a generous bunch but I’d plump for the ‘shared’ option unless you are hoping a kind stranger might purchase you gifts from your wish list! This will give you a link that can be shared with whoever you like!

So how does it become a gift registry we hear you ask? Well, we’ll pretend you shared the link with Aunty Joy. She clicks the link and either logs in or creates herself a Sweetness and Pea account. Once she is logged in, there will be a button next to each item in your wish list that says “Buy for X” (insert your name!!). Aunty Joy can then add to her basket, continue shopping or head straight for the checkout. Once the checkout process is complete, the item Aunty Joy purchased will be deducted from your wish list and Uncle Phil won’t be buying any duplicates!

It is a system that also works really well for impending arrivals or baby showers. You can add your favourite reusable nappy prints, the skincare brands that you REALLY want and maybe a few goodies for yourself during the recovery time too!

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